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23, Atlanta, GA

I am fresh out of college and still having a lot of fun meeting girls my age. While I am not the guy to go to The Varsity for noshing on a chili burger, I am all about meeting women looking to get a little wild. While I don't have school anymore to help me in that department, I do have SOCIALSEX.COM to help me out. I meet even more girls on SOCIALSEX.COM than I ever did in college anyhow. I can only imagine how intense it would have been if I would have found this site while I was in school!


27, Boston, MA

I want to meet women who are down for some kinky fun, but I am not exactly looking for a THOT. I want the kinds of girls I could go to Public Garden with just as easily as I could take back to my place and bang. That is exactly what I find when I am on SocialSex. These girls know how to be a woman while still having a fun and kinky side. I now know what it means to have a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets, because with SocialSex I can have that kind of hookup just about anytime I am looking for it.