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If you're a man looking for threesomes with couples, you're not alone. And if you're a man that thinks couples aren't looking for men to join them for a threesome, you're not alone either. It has long been a stereotype that men in relationships will only go for threesomes if they are with two women, that they would never think about inviting another man into the bedroom. However, that that couldn't be further from the truth! You may not be able to get your guy friends to admit that they would let a man into their marital bedroom, but the fact of the matter is that the world is full of horny, eager couples looking for everything and anything : threesomes, foursomes, exhibitionism, voyeurism... you name it! Trying new things, exploring desires, and experimenting with new people together are all aspects of a healthy sexual relationship—the best couples know this.

Maybe you've tried sizing up couples at the bar, determining if any of them look like they might be willing to let you come home with them, only to give up out of fear of rejection or a violent reaction. Maybe you've worked up the courage to ask a couple you know and desire, only to have them politely, but awkwardly, decline. Maybe you've even tried other online adult dating sites, only to find that they don't cater to couples and the men looking for them. It can be frustrating, we know. Luckily, you're here now, which means that after all your hard work and research, you've finally found the answer: .

Social Sex has a long-standing position as the #1 site for men looking for couples . Most other online adult dating sites focus on singles looking for other singles, and don't offer a community for couples. Many sites simply don't give the option of listing as a couple, or listing that you're interested in couples. In a situation like that, how on Earth can you be expected to easily find each other? Social Sex has millions of couples in our member database, from all over the USA and the world, and we've designed our site with their, and your, success in mind. They list as "looking for a man," you list as "looking for a couple," and we'll make sure you find each other— it's as simple as that !

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Experts Agree: Casual Sex Is Good For You

A recent study into the emotional effects of casual hookups (anything other than a long-term monogamous relationship) discovered that frequent casual sex results in lower stress, higher self-esteem, and greater emotional health overall . The study, which was published in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science was conducted by researchers from New York University and Cornell University. A number of participants, some in relationships and some singles, kept a journal of any and all sexual activities they had over a 12-week period. Those who had casual sex, either with other singles or by bringing partners into their relationship, reported feelings of higher self-esteem and life satisfaction, and lower depression and anxiety . Those who kept to sex with one partner? Not so much.

When you do the dating thing—you know... get coffee, grab dinner, see a movie, no nudity until the third date kind of thing—there's more anxiety involved when it comes to sex. There's a need to please and impress. There's worry about what they think about your looks, your sexual skills, and your desires (especially when your fantasies and turn-ons are different than what they may be used to). There's worry about what they might tell other people in their life about you, because if you keep dating, you may have to meet those people and you want them to impress them as well. It's all stressful and it affects your performance, your enjoyment, and your overall emotional health after the sexual experience. Casual sex does away with that stress and anxiety. Without the commitment and the emotional investment in the other partner (or partners), you are free to express your true desires , and they will be free to do the same. When people can be assertive about what they like and what they want to try sexually, that's when the real magical sex happens. That's what makes casual sex, and Social Sex, so much better for you.

And casual sex is good for couples, too. The New York Times recently reported that 15% of marriages are sexless . These are people who are in love, but bored. These are people who desire something new, something exciting. These are people who turn to Social Sex to find men and to find sex. So, not only will participating in casual sex with couples make you feel better, but it also brings the satisfaction of knowing you are helping fizzled-out lovers rediscover how amazing sex can be.

The bonus of using Social Sex is that not only will you be finding casual hookups to give your life less more fun and less stress, but you will also be eliminating the anxiety that comes with rejection, scams, and searching for sex partners . With Social Sex you can rest assured that you are using a reliable, honest, and discreet adult dating site that is full of members who want exactly what you want: casual sex and threesomes . You don't have to worry about rejection from people who aren't into threesomes—-everyone here lists exactly what they are looking for and we always match you up with members who compliment your desires. You don't have to worry about any kind of Social Sex scam—-we are tried, tested, and true and have been the #1 adult dating site in the USA and the world for men looking for couples for many years. You don't have to worry about privacy— is safe and secure, we will never give your information to a third party, and your profile privacy is 100% customizable, so only people who you want to see it will be able to see it. Social Sex is truly the most stress-free way to find sex with local couples.

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It's totally normal to be skeptical of online adult dating sites at first. In fact, you should be skeptical of most adult dating sites out there, especially when it comes to finding threesomes. Since the birth of online dating sites, there have been online dating site scams. Some sites exist to get your personal information and sell it to third party scams. Some sites claim to be free sex dating sites, but are really full of profiles for hookers looking to charge you to hook up. Some sites, even though they started with good intentions, are teeming with fake profiles and scammers who will say anything to get into your wallet. A lot of sites don't work, but fortunately for you, Social Sex is not one of those sites. That's the reality of adult dating online. Even dating sites that aren't scams will lie to you to get you to join—especially when it comes to men looking for couples. Most dating sites focus on men looking for women and women looking for men and nothing else. Their homepage may promise all kinds of members and connections, but their site does nothing to support these matches. Members who join looking for threesomes or same sex hookups all end up leaving pretty quickly.

The truth is that you need to be smart when you choose your sex dating site, and that's probably exactly how you ended up here. Social Sex has a reputation for being an effective and legitimate casual sex site that is safe, secure, and discreet. We've always had a strong commitment to helping members of all genders and sexualities find success on our site—-men looking for women, women looking for men, men looking for men, women looking for women, men looking for couples... the list goes on. Having this goal in mind as we built, and keeping it in mind with every improvement we make, has kept us consistently voted as #1 in member satisfaction for men looking for couples .

You don't just have to take our word for it—-we proudly post real member testimonials all over our site. We take member suggestions very seriously, and offer 24/7 customer service through online chat and our help line. We know that is only as strong as its members, and we make sure to keep them satisfied and successful.

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Just being able to find local threesomes online in the first place may seem like a miracle, but Social Sex goes the extra mile. Not only do we uphold our commitment of offering men looking for couples an easy way to find them, but we also dedicate entire areas of the Social Sex site to men looking for couples and couples looking for men. If you explore our webcam shows, you will find an entire section of couples looking to put on a show for single men. You will also find couples interested in watching you perform, if that's what you're into. If you check out our sex chat rooms, you will find a number of them that are dedicated to couples looking to chat with men online. Same with our discussion boards—there are always topics about threesomes, swingers, orgies, and any number of other sexual topics. Social Sex has the largest number of couple members of any site online , and the most features for you to connect with them.

And that's only the start. With the Social Sex mobile site and the Social Sex mobile app, you can find a threesome anywhere, at any time. Using your smart phone, you can log in to and find the closest couples from your location looking to hook up. See a sexy couple on the opposite side of the street? Log on to SocialSex and see if they are members! It's a lot easier and safer than going over and asking in person. At the bar and want to know which couples there are down with threesomes? Log on and see who's online! Just sitting at home, wanting to get the fastest, easiest sex you can? No problem. You can find fast, easy threesomes wherever you are. SocialSex uses your smart device's GPS, and the GPS of other members' smart devices to show you which couples are closest to your location. All you need to do it send them a quick message, decide where you're going to meet, and get down to that dirty business. With millions of couples worldwide and thousands of local couples in any given area, there are always members online near you looking for a good time.

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22/23, Seattle, WA

We both work at Pikes Place Market, which is how we met. We knew off the bat that we were both pretty kinky. So, when we suggested to each other to get on social sex and hook up with a guy, we knew it was going to be fun! For sure, these guys are exactly what we were looking for. We get to talk to guys of all ages and from all backgrounds, so we find the ones we're attracted to. It's hard to imagine anything being easier than social sex to meet guys.


25/28, Detroit, MI

There's nothing like leaving Greektown Casino Hotel with a pocket full of winnings, but when it comes to meeting guys, we don't like to gamble. We go for the sure thing by getting on SocialSex.Com. We know we have our choice of men to talk to and flirt with before ever deciding to make it official. We definitely knew we weren't looking for a twink, but more of a manly man and we were not disappointed when we got on social sex. There are so many guys that we were thrilled with the options available to us.