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Haven't found success on other online dating sites? Starting to believe a legit sex site just doesn't exist? We hear that a lot, and we get it. When it comes to women looking for women, there aren't a lot of adult dating sites out there that are catering to your needs. They focus on straight members, letting gay and lesbian members fend for themselves. Many end up leaving, which results in a lack of members on any of those sites. It's not fair, and it's not right. Lucky for you, you've found a place that believes in hooking up people of every gender and every sexuality. Social Sex has a dedicated platform for women looking for women and is the #1 member-rated lesbian dating site online for Americans and the world. We have millions of lesbian members and and hundreds more joining every day. Using our site you can find women of all kinds looking for friends with benefits, fuck buddies, casual sex, threesomes, and anything else you can think of!

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Hookups shouldn't be hard, and with Social Sex, they don't have to be. We built our site with sex, dating, and technology experts to make sure we made the best adult dating site possible. Whether you want to meet someone for a fun date, a steamy hookup, casual sex, or even find a friend with benefits, Social Sex supports those connections. We encourage you to take control of your sex life and have sex with who you want to , while at the same time offering you assistance in finding local lesbian matches you may have taken a long time to find or may otherwise have missed. Whether you want to meet "Ms. Right" or "Ms. Right Now," there are all types of women on Social Sex that are eager to please you.

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Social Sex understands that you're a busy person with a busy schedule and that you're not always able to sit down in front of a computer every time you want to look for some local tail. That's why we made the Social Sex mobile phone app. Imagine having access to eligible women close by no matter where you are. Whether you're out on the town for a night of dancing, picking up some veggies at the local market, too lazy to leave your couch and get your computer, or even travelling abroad —- with just a touch of your smart phone, you can meet up with someone gorgeous who's anxious to meet up and eager to satisfy . Social Sex is the perfect companion for horny singles on the go.

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24, Boulder, CO

I get a lot of attention from older women because of the way I dress. I know I have a nice body and I like showing it off. If that means some MILFs will be checking me out, I am okay with that, because I have a thing for older women. Most of the time when I am on SocialSex I am looking for older women I can talk with anyhow. I know there are a lot of women my age on SocialSex looking to talk with me, but I just like the attention I get from the older set.


23, Trenton, NJ

I am not that innocent girl my dad took to Mercer County Waterfront Park, now known as Arm & Hammer Park, when I was a little girl. I know he wants me to be his little princess forever, but I want to be the naughty girl hooking up with little red riding hood, not the one settling down with prince charming. Social Sex helps me to meet the women that want what I want. I can role play and get wild with girls who wanna do all the naughty things I am into. Social Sex has really opened up a whole new world to me.